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About Us

"Where the healthy hair complex comes to life"

At BX Hair Care, we've mastered the healthy hair complex! Healthy hair is the key to beauty and the first step to looking and feeling your best! Our extensive line of specially formulated products harness the power of botanical infusions and nutrients, resulting in vibrant, healthy, head-turning hair! Our products are available exclusively at Queen Bee Studio in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or shop online from anywhere in the world.


Our Fab Story

We set out on our journey with three primary goals in mind. First, to create a hair care line that provided all the the vital nutrients that are essential to healthy hair. Secondly, to create a product our clients could use in-between salon appointments and at home that gave amazing results for everyday styling. Third, to create a product our customers could be confident in using, knowing that the results would be amazing! Since 2004, our  founder, Bee Salas, has been committed to ensuring this result with every customer and client, every service, every time.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where everyone has healthy hair and the extra confidence they need to be all that they can be. We believe it's something about amazing hair that's just simply life changing! 

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