Revitalize and Refresh your hair with BX Hair Care Biotin & Botanical Fortified Leave-In Conditioner. This super enriched Leave-In nourishes, hydrates, and conditions your hair strands. Our lightwieight exotic formula is a special blend of Biotin, a fortifying vitamin known for its hair strengthening benefits, along with Coconut Oil and Botanical Extracts. It is loaded with vitamins and botanical extracts which absorbs quickly absorb to hydrate, recondition, and smooth the hair. Ideal for hair that is prone to breaking or splitting, keeping your hair moisturized, and promoting hair growth.

Biotin & Botanical Fortified Leave-In Conditioner

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  • Apply to towel dried hair. Leave in. Style as desired.


"Bee is nothing short of amazing. She's a great stylist and I absolutely love her personality.  The salon atmosphere is just the best! Her products have totally transformed my hair. I recommend BX Hair Care to all of my friends!"


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